I just referred my friend and they activated a new plan on Reach Mobile. When will I see the credit on my bill?

Your credit will post for the month following when your referral activates. For instance, if your friend activates in the middle of July, you'll see the credit on your August bill.

Why do I still have a bill?

There may be a few reasons why you’re getting a bill for your first month on Reach, even if you came in with the free month incentive.

  1. The value of your first free month is capped at $150, so if you have a group plan with multiple Unlimited lines, you may be over that amount and therefore responsible for any remaining balance.
  2. The referral discount applies to the bill at the time of activation. It does not apply to any mid-month changes, add-ons, or adjustments made after activation during the first month.

Example 1: Shelly activates on Reach with a single-line plan (The Moderate for $45/month). She makes no changes to her plan during the month and purchases no additional data, therefore her first bill will be $0.

Example 2: Harry also activates with The Moderate ($45), but a week later, he adds on two friends (+$20/line) and purchases four 1GB Data Packs (+$10 x 4). Even though Harry’s original plan (The Moderate - 1 line - $45) is free, he’ll receive a bill for the additional lines and Data Pack purchases totalling $80.