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All you need to know about International Roaming

No daily charges or per-country fees, just stress-free connectivity wherever you roam.

Getting started

To start using International Roaming, just click on the Services tab in the app and then go to International Roaming. Enter your travel details (destinations, departure date, and travelers). Based on your destinations, we will show you the International Roaming rates applicable for Data, SMS, and Voice. International Roaming comes in 0.5GB data packs, with SMS and Voice at pay-as-you-go rates. 

There is no initial purchase involved. Once you confirm all your travel details and set a data limit (to help you stay within the budget), you are all set. On the day of travel, your first data pack is activated automatically and data, SMS and Voice will be made available for your use.

Cost of International Roaming

The 0.5GB data packs are available at $5, $10 or $20, depending on your travel destinations. Remember, these charges are for data only. Voice and SMS will be charged at pay-as-you-go rates. 

Service activation and deactivation

The service is automatically activated on the day of your travel. However, we recommend you keep your phone on airplane mode while in-flight and in transit to avoid unnecessary connectivity charges. 

Once you are back on your home network, the service is automatically deactivated, without you lifting a finger! 

Primary and secondary users

As of now, only the group owner (or the primary user) is allowed to purchase International Roaming for themselves and others in their group. As a group member, you would need to get in touch with your group owner to purchase and manage your International Roaming. 

Bill shock!

We highly recommend you to stick to using data (or free WiFi wherever available) whenever you are traveling abroad. That will ensure you stay within budget. Using services such as SMS and Voice will incur additional charges, that many a time breaks the budget, giving you a bill shock. It can be easily avoided by restricting your usage to data. 

PayGo countries

Certain countries charge exorbitant rates for International Roaming. These are the PayGo countries. To help avoid bill shock, we automatically deactivate your service the moment we are alerted of your location.