What's included in each plan?

  • Great question! Our plans include perks such as:

    • Unlimited talk and text
    • Flexibility to change plans
    • Nationwide 5G and 4G coverage
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • No contract
    • Best Fit™ feature adjustment (applies to all plans, except the Unlimited)
    • Hotspot enabled
    • Number porting (option to transfer your number to Reach)
    • Bringing your phone with you
    • The ability to purchase Data Packs*


    *What's a Data Pack?

    • If you run out of data, you can always add a Data Pack to your plan to hold you over until your data renews with the next billing cycle. If you’re on Best Fit™ 2GB, Best Fit™5GB, Best Fit™10GB, Best Fit™15GB plans, your Data Pack will be shared amongst any other lines on your plan.
    • If you're subscribed to the Unlimited 25+GB plan, you will assign the Data Pack to a specific line during purchase. Data Packs expire at the end of the billing cycle they are purchased in, so use ‘em if you got ‘em! 

      **Tip: if you’re currently on the Best Fit™ 2GB or Best Fit™5GB and you think you’ll need more GBs, we suggest that you upgrade your plan instead. You’ll get more data for less dough.