How do I leave Reach?

We’re sorry to see you go but we know that all good things sometimes come to an end.

Are you the account owner with additional lines on your plan? One of your group members MUST have an active credit card on file in order for them to have uninterrupted service upon your exit.

To ensure that disconnecting is as easy as signing on, just let us know that you’ll be leaving and we’ll take all the necessary steps. We’ll email you your account information (account number and zip code) so you can easily give that information to the new service provider and transfer your number. Once you leave Reach, you’ll receive a final bill and an email confirmation.

Your final month's bill with Reach Mobile will be prorated based upon the amount of data that you use or the number of days you were active on our service (whichever is higher). Your final bill will not be eligible for Best Fit. 

If you choose to disconnect immediately, you will lose your phone number and we’ll send you a final bill along with email confirmation of your cancellation.