What if I land in a different country than what’s on my itinerary? Will IR work?

We offer connectivity in more than 135 countries. So if you are in any of the listed countries, your International Roaming will work seamlessly.

The rates, however, may vary depending on which country you land in - they are lower in some countries and higher in others. You can check the International Roaming rates for any country from our website or our app.

However, if you enter a country with high pay-as-you-go rates (also called a PayGo country), we deactivate your International Roaming to avoid bill shock and  International Roaming will not work.

For assistance, contact our Customer Success team over WiFi at 844-445-3665, reach@reachmobile.com or 24/7 chat at reachmobile.com.  

International Roaming is only available on new 5G network accounts