What happens if I pay my bill late? Is there a grace period?

Although your bill is due at the end of your billing cycle, we do offer a little wiggle room for late payments. We will send a reminder text once your invoice is generated, 3 days before your bill due date.

If you need more time to pay your bill, you can commit to a date after the bill due date on which you agree to make the payment. This Pay Later date has to be on or before the 11th day after bill due date.

Once scheduled, autopay won’t be applied on your card until the Pay Later date. However, as per our non-payment policy, a $10 late fee would still apply on your overdue amount.

Please note that you may experience slower data speeds or service interruptions while the payment is pending. If you pay your bill late, your account may be impacted and you may incur late charges, or service disruption.