What are the benefits of eSIM?

There are several benefits of an eSIM, including: Convenience, more phone space, faster activation, multiple eSIM profiles supported, and it's environmentally friendly!

Convenience: With an eSIM, there's no need to physically insert or remove a SIM card from your device. This can be especially convenient for travelers who frequently switch between different SIM cards for different countries. 

More space: Since an eSIM is embedded in the device, there's no need for a physical SIM card slot. This frees up space in the device for other components, such as a larger battery. 

Faster activation: Activating an eSIM can be faster and more convenient than activating a physical SIM card since it can often be done remotely without the need for a physical card to be shipped to you. 

Multiple eSIM profiles: Some devices support multiple eSIM profiles, which means you can have more than one phone number or cellular data plan on a single device. 

Environmentally friendly: The main benefits of eSIM are convenience and flexibility. You can easily activate the service without having to physically insert a SIM card, you can switch between different networks & plans, add multiple lines to a single device without needing to replace your SIM again and again, and it is great for the environment since there are no plastic SIM cards and no shipping required