I’m traveling outside of the US. How does International Roaming work?

With Reach Mobile’s International Roaming, you can travel stress-free. Here’s how:

  • Tell us when and where you plan to travel, and we’ll tell you upfront how much data, voice, and SMS/MMS will cost.
  • Then, purchase International Roaming credit, and set your own data limit to avoid bill shock.
  • Voice and SMS will be charged at pay-as-you-go rates. Visit our website to learn other ways to keep in touch while traveling.

There are no daily fees while traveling on Reach Mobile. You can use your data over the course of one or several days, as needed. There are no per-country fees. We provide you the best rate possible based on your itinerary. Best of all? We charge you based on your data usage – not the limit you set. So, if you set a 2GB limit, but you only use 1GB of data, we’re happy to bill you for just 1GB.

International Roaming is only available on new 5G network accounts