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How long will it take for my phone to activate?

If you are requesting a new number, the general time for your phone's activation will range from five minutes to two hours. If our Customer Success team notices your activation process taking up to two hours, we will be in contact to be sure we get you live on Reach as soon as possible!

If you are porting your number (which means bringing your number with you), it may take from 5 minutes to five business days (in some exceptional cases) dependent upon how quickly your previous carrier acts.

While we are waiting for your carrier to release your number, your old service continues to work with no interruption. If you need help, please contact Customer Success and we’ll help to expedite the process.

Please note: Keep your old SIM card in your phone until you receive the green light from Reach. You should only cancel your service AFTER you are live on Reach. If you cancel your service prior to becoming live on Reach, your phone number will be gone forever :(