If I make changes to my account, will there be any fees? When will I be charged?

There are some instances where your credit card will be charged immediately, including:

  • Re-joining Reach's service: If you disconnect from Reach (willingly or due to nonpayment) and decide to reactivate the same SIM card (within 45 days of your disconnection date) ($15)
  • Number Switches:
    • If you activate a new number on Reach but then decide you want to port an existing number ($10)
    • If you port an existing number onto Reach, but then decide that you want a new number ($10)
    • If you activate a new number on Reach, but then want a newer number ($10)
  • Data Packs: Cost is $5 per 0.5GB
  • Shipping Changes: If you decide to expedite your SIM shipment after you choose standard shipping purchase ($7+)
  • Returned Bank Fees ($10)
  • International Roaming: Cost of data (value established at the setup of the trip), voice and text