Do you offer Domestic roaming? International roaming? International calling?

Keeping you connected, whether its in the US or overseas, it's our number one priority. Let us break down these (sometimes) confusing concepts:

Domestic Roaming is the ability to switch to a different carrier's tower if your primary coverage is less than stellar. While Reach Mobile does not offer this, we do ensure that you'll have excellent coverage on the best network in your area.


International Roaming is the ability to use the Reach service while overseas. Reach Mobile offers excellent International Roaming service in over 165+ countries across the world. Through Reach's International Roaming, customers can enable international voice, text, and data right within the app. It's not part of our standard plans so there will be additional costs involved.

If you don't want to pay for International Roaming, you may enable WiFi calling to call and text internationally as long as you have WiFi coverage. Check out our International Roaming rates here (and select "Traveling outside U.S.").


International WiFi Calling: If overseas, a person can call the U.S. using WiFi calling. In this case, we suggest using free apps like WhatsApp to call and message overseas, or if both parties have iPhones, you may use iMessage for texting and Facetime for calling.


International Calling/Texting is the ability to call a country outside of the U.S. while still in the U.S. Check out our International Calling and Texting rates here (and select "Calling from U.S.").