Can I change my plan mid-month?

Yes you can! Immediate upgrades must charge the difference of your plan in order for the upgrade to be successful. Any changes made for the next billing cycle will reflect the new plan cost on your next invoice.

Example on how billing works for plan changes:

Current plan Plan change request Current plan cost New plan cost When will it charge?
2GB  Immediate change to the 5GB plan $20 $30 $10 will charge before plan changes immediately. Once charged, you will be on the 5GB plan.
2GB Starting next billing cycle to 25GB $20 $45 Once your cycle renews, your invoice will reflect your new plan cost. Applicable for downgrades as well.


Plan upgrades:

Upgrading from a lower shared plan to a higher shared plan (Best Fit™ 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 15GB) can be done any time during the billing cycle with immediate effect.

Upgrading to an Unlimited 25+GB plan will take effect only during the start of the next billing cycle.

Plan downgrades:

At any time during the billing cycle, you can request to downgrade your plan from a higher plan to a lower one, but it will take effect only at the start of the next billing cycle.