My device is part of the Apple Upgrade program. Can I join Reach?

Yes! Here are specific details about joining Reach if your phone is part of the Apple Upgrade program:

  • Can I still lease my phone to complete the two years of payments if I switch carriers (away from the big four)?
    • Yes. Changing to a carrier outside of the big four only affects your ability to renew with iPhone Upgrade Program. You can continue paying until the end of the two year term and then you will own the phone!
  • By switching am I simply voiding my participation in the upgrade program (so no longer eligible for upgrades but can keep my device after it is paid off)?
    • Yes, you are voiding the ability to do an “early upgrade” or “renew” through the iPhone Upgrade Program, but you can still pay off your phone and then use a different purchasing option when you go to buy your next phone. Apple does not require you to pay your device off in full in order to switch.