Cost and fees broken down for International Calling

  • To enable International Calling, a monthly service fee of $5 will be charged per individual line. This service fee can be used towards International Calling Credit per billing cycle. 


  • The costs for International Calling are 'a la carte' to your plan and are available in $5 increments with a minimum of $5 cost per bill cycle. 
  • To avoid uninterrupted connectivity, we will automatically replenish your International Calling credit when you fall below $2.

Additional Information:

  • If you would like to text internationally, you can do so without enabling International Calling. International Texting is charged on a per-usage basis.
  • For more information about Int'l Calling and call/text rates per country, please launch your Reach Mobile app (and click on Services and then International Calling) or visit us online at