What if I hit my data limit?

If you're on a shared plan, we'll grant you an extra 0.5GB of 2G data and after that, your data will be paused. If you are on the All-In plan, you'll continue to receive unlimited 2G data until the end of the billing cycle.

When hit 50%, 75% 90% and 100% of your data usage, we will notify you from the Reach app. 

If you want to resume superfast speeds before the billing cycle renews, you can visit My Account on your Reach app and either switch to a higher GB data plan or purchase Data Packs for $5 per 0.5GB or $10 per 1GB.

If you don’t hit your data limit in a given month, have no fear! You may qualify for Best Fit which can save you some money off your bill.

How do I switch my data plan?

If you're currently on The Basic or Moderate you can upgrade your plan anytime. If you're on the People's Choice plan, you can upgrade your plan to the All-In and the change will take place during the next billing cycle.

If you’re on The All-In unlimited plan and would like to downgrade or if you would like to upgrade to The All-In plan, you can request the change anytime, but it will not take effect until the next billing cycle.

To make changes, please visit "Account" on the Reach Mobile app and choose "Change Plan".