Can I pay my bill in advance?

If you are leaving Reach Mobile, or looking to pay ahead of your scheduled autopay, you can do so with advance payment!

Active customer wanting to pay ahead of your auto charge date:

  • Received your invoice and want to pay it right away?* Go ahead and log into your Reach Mobile app, or log in online, navigate to billing, then click to pay! You can also ask our Customer Success team to charge your card on file. 
    • *Only applicable once your invoice has been generated.

Transferring (porting) away from Reach Mobile:

  • When you request to leave Reach Mobile to a new carrier, you have the option to pay your final* estimated bill in advance when requesting your transfer (port out) details.
  • *NOTE: If you do not successfully transfer away from Reach Mobile on the date of your request, you will have a final bill in the amount of your remaining active days. 

Example: If Sally asks for her port out details on August 15th and pays her estimated bill, but does not transfer the phone to the new carrier until August 20th, Sally will receive a final bill for the days active between August 15th to the 20th.

The invoice will be generated on Sally's normal cycle she had while active and charged on her normal autopay date. This is her final bill. 

Disconnecting immediately:

  • If you disconnect your line immediately and pay in advance, this will be your final bill payment with Reach.

Disconnecting at a later time: 

  • You are responsible for any incurred costs while your line is active with Reach Mobile. The date of your disconnection will mark as the final day of your prorated time. Your final bill will be charged on your normal cycle date accordingly. Once your invoice is generated you can pay it ahead of your autopay date. 
    • Example: Sally's cycle resets every 10th of the month. Sally disconnects on December 20th. Sally's final invoice is generated on January 10th, set to be charged automatically January 13th. Sally can pay ahead of the 13th, but only after the invoice is generated.